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Important Considerations When Choosing

a Dance Instructor or Academy


There are numerous dance studios in the Greater New Orleans area. If most dance studios seem to have qualified, friendly teachers, experience teaching children, and a recital at the end of the year, aren't they all pretty much the same? Below are four main things that can make a huge difference in the quality of training you or your child receives and your overall experience in the dance program.


1. What Type of Dance Floor is Used?


Dance is a very physical activity that requires a lot of jumping which can place stress on bones and joints. Most dance footwear does not provide any cushioning or support, so the shock of the movements can be very straining on the knees and back of a dancer. The best way to prevent this kind of fatigue and possible injury when studying in a dance studio is by choosing a studio with a professional "floating" floor. A floating floor is a dance floor that rests on a system of high-density foam to absorb much of the shock as the results of moves with jumps. A high-density foam base is superior to a "sprung" floor which usually consists of a wood structure built on the regular floor.


2. What is the Size of the Class?


If a dance class has fewer students in it, each child will receive more personalized attention, learn more, and have more fun! With younger students, it is easier for a teacher to maintain control over the class and make sure each student graps the concepts and instructions. Our smaller class sizes ensure that all fundamental concepts are being well presented and received to all students.


Our school limits all of our classes (ages 6-up) to a maximum of 12 students per class. In our preschool dance programs, we limit all of our classes to a maximum of 8 students per class.


3. What are the "Extras" Required for the Year End Show?


Most schools put on a year end show in a professional theatre. Students that perform in the show must have a costume for their dance number. Some studios may require parents to sew their child's costumes or pay extra and the parents must find their own seamstress to do the sewing. This can be inconvenient and frustrating for parents who are busy and/or can't sew. Most studios also require parents to purchase tickets for the recital performance night.


Our school uses our own professional seamstress to sew and alter the costumes so parents don't have to worry about any costume hassles. We also give each family two free tickets to our Spring Recital.


4. Can I Get Immediate Assistance and Customer Service?


In many studios the teacher or the studio owner conducts classes and does the administration. By trying to do two jobs at once, the class may suffer as the teacher has to use class time for customer service issues, or the studio may have no customer service available if the teacher is in a class. To have a good experience in any dance program, it is important to choose a school that can assist you with details like costumes, schedules, even if a teacher is currently in a class. Our school has office staff on hand during all regular classes so you can always get immediate assistance either in person or via the telephone.

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