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Here's What Parents and Students are saying about Music Lessons and Dance Classes at the River Ridge School of Music & Dance


Here are just a few testimonials from our parents and students!...



"I told my mom that I wanted to play the drums. I learned how to read music. I love music thanks

to my teacher and the River Ridge School of Music & Dance!"


~ Zelvin Collins, student


"Our children, Ted (11) and Ben (6) study guitar and piano, respectively, at the River Ridge School of Music & Dance. The children have made remarkable progress with the musical instruments during the past two years at the school thanks to their excellent teachers who closely monitor their performance during each lesson. The more skillful they have become at playing increasingly difficult musical pieces on the guitar and piano, the more they have become interested and sensitive to music. When they hear an interesting song, they figure out how to play it on the guitar and piano. The Spring and Christmas Recitals each year have also given them the invaluable experience of playing confidently on stage in front of an audience. Each time we make the trip to the school, we know we made the right decision to enroll them with the River Ridge School of Music & Dance.


~ Edward and Annie Cielo Mader, parents


"Mr. Russell is the best teacher ever. He is nicer than my kindergarten teacher. He teaches me carefully how to play the piano."


~ Haley Tran, student


"Matthew started taking (guitar) lessons in February of this year. In less than a month he had learned a new song and was ready to perform in the recital by May. He LOVES going to his lessons and learning about music. Chandler saw how much Matthew loved his lessons so he wanted to take up drums. He started just a month ago and loves it. It really gives them another outlet to express themselves. We have and continue to recommend the programs at the River Ridge School of Music & Dance to everyone.


~ Liz Broekman, parent


"At a time when I was concerned for my children's self image and well being, the academy gave much more than music lessons and dance classes. They nurtured my girl's natural musical talents. More amazing, the staff and teachers fed their souls and characters. I can see the difference in how my girls view themselves as well as difficult tasks. Children are supposed to feel invincible and the school helped achieve this feeling for my girls. Now as we journey into our second year, Shelbey and Caroline anxiously await their lesson each week. they love working with their instructors. More amazing, my eldest daughter worked on the staff at the front desk for a number of years. A simple music lesson has culminated into the addition of good friends and family to our lives."


~ Robin Ledet, parent